Sony Patents an AI for Gaming

Gamers could be seeing vast changes in how they play games. Being stuck on a seemingly unbeatable level or boss in a video can be one of the most frustrating things to deal with, especially when you are crunched for time. Well, Sony may be in the process of helping players with this exact issueContinue reading “Sony Patents an AI for Gaming”

Tides of Change for Console Exclusives

For years, console manufactures have held sacred video games that were exclusive to their console and have fought to hold exclusivity to parts of other games. The times seem to be slowly shifting towards companies giving a little leeway with sharing console exclusives, at least with PC. As seen in a recent report from Kotaku, Horizon: Zero Dawn will be comingContinue reading “Tides of Change for Console Exclusives”

Welcome One and All!

Hello! Welcome to Exploration Gaming! This blog is going to be comprised of news and reviews of anything related to gaming and video entertainment. I am Ethan Schmelzer, a Certified Athletic Trainer, working part-time at a division one high school.  I am a full-time graduate student, working on my Master of Science in Athletic Training. Continue reading “Welcome One and All!”

“No Console Exclusives” for the Next Gen Xbox

With the next generation of consoles right around the corner, discussions about console exclusive games have begun to arise . Console exclusives are the key for selling to and winning over a new audience, as well as keeping the previous patrons. Microsoft, however, has different plans for their console exclusives. Xbox Game Studios’ Matt BootyContinue reading ““No Console Exclusives” for the Next Gen Xbox”