Hello! Welcome to Exploration Gaming! This blog is going to be comprised of news and reviews of anything related to gaming and video entertainment. I am Ethan Schmelzer, a Certified Athletic Trainer, working full-time at a division one high school. I am an avid gamer and gym enthusiast. My goal is to give content weekly, grow as a writer, gamer, and critical thinker. I want to be able to provide my take on the latest news and releases, but I also want to hear your opinions along the way!

I have been gaming for approximately sixteen years, and my first console was the PlayStation 2!  Looking back, I had so many games that I never managed to finish because I was absolutely confused on what I was supposed to do! However, my dad’s decision to purchase the PlayStation 2 changed my life and allowed me to create connections with a countless number of people. I can remember the numerous hours sitting on the floor in my house playing video games with either my friends or by myself, and I will admit that I would not change a moment of it.

I own all current gen systems and recently invested in a high-quality gaming PC. I will be sure to let everyone know where I am playing the games when doing reviews or gaming updates. I love being able to experience such a plethora of games from each console and a variety of developers. Being able to see the artistic styles used to make games one of a kind is fascinating, and experiencing the game play firsthand is like no other. I look forward to sharing my views on a variety of games.

My interest in video entertainment, such as movies and TV shows, has largely grown from my wonderful girlfriend. The first summer we were together we probably went to see a new movie every week! With both our schedules being so busy, and opposite each other, we haven’t had as many opportunities to go and see movies close to the release date. When both of our schedules free up, I am sure we will begin to see more movies together, especially when all the big summer blockbuster hits come out!

As my interest for the gaming industry grows, I want to be able to take this interest and passion and combine it with that my desire to become a stronger writer. Deep down I have always had an interest in writing but never made time for it. That is all about to change. As I stated earlier, I will be bringing weekly content. It may be an update on the movies and TV shows I am currently watching or games I have been playing.