Cyberpunk 2077 World Wide Release Times

CD Projekt Red has given us the release times for Cyberpunk 2077, are you prepared?

Via: Cyberpunk 2077 Twitter

The time is nearly upon us! After three delays, Cyberpunk 2077 is set to be released for most individuals at midnight local time on December 10, but, depending on what platform you plan on playing the latest CD Projekt Red game, you may get to experience the excitement on December 9! The Cyberpunk 2077 twitter account recently released the time schedule that Cyberpunk 2077 will go live for PC and Stadia players via a world map. They showed that the journey through Night City for PC and Stadia players will start at midnight GMT on December 10, or 7 PM EST on December 9 as a reference for those based in the US. They also gave information on when individuals can preload the game onto their console or PC, which is December 3 for Xbox, December 7 for Steam and Epic Store, and December 8 for PlayStation.

While it is exciting to see a simultaneous launch throughout the world on PC and Stadia, it surely comes as a disappointment for console players who live west and PC players who live east of the GMT zone. This disappointment is due to the potential spoilers that are sure to pop up on social media between the launch times in the respected areas. When considering those who live in the US, there will be an eight-hour difference in launch time between PC/Stadia and console for individuals living in PST. While to some this difference may seem insignificant, it creates a disheartening scenario for individuals in the US who were able to snag a next gen console and planning on using it to experience this game.

There are surely numerous logistical reasons for the decision to launch the game in such a manner. Massive, Triple A releases are known for their midnight local time launches, considering how midnight releases use to be a gigantic event for retailers.  However, with the pandemic, these events are sure to be few and far between. A simultaneous digital launch for only PC and Stadia, based off one time zone, is unexpected.

Regardless of release time, the hope for an exhilarating adventure through Night City is higher than ever after the numerous delays!


  1. I really like what I have seen so far of this game, but looking at some reviews there seems to be a few patches needed. Think I may hold off and wait for the developers to hash out a few of the bugs


    • I’ve gone through one review so far and will be reading GameSpot’s review soon. That will probably give the most feedback on the issues (guessing because of the score given).
      Hopefully most those bugs are gone with day 0/1 patch… but CDPR unfortunately has bugs well into the first few days. I remember the bug that ruins the save files of the Witcher 3 that was there at release and, sadly, I experienced that bug..


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