Choosing Which Switch to Gift this Holiday Season

Picking between the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite is not always an easy decision but here is some info to take into consideration.

Holiday season 2020 is here! The time spent looking for gifts for friends and loved ones is about to increase exponentially. A hot item that is sure to fly off the shelves, especially with PS5 and Xbox Series X|S in short supply, is the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. These are great gifts to give for any gamer or non-gamer! However, before making the decision to go for the cheaper Nintendo Switch Lite, there is a few things that you should consider.

The first major thing to consider is that Joy-Con drift is still a huge issue that needs to be addressed. Joy-Con drift, for those who do not know anything about this or have not experienced this, is when the joystick randomly sends commands regarding movement to the console when the joystick is not being moved. I personally began to notice Joy-Con drift between 200 and 250 hours of Joy-Con use. While this may seem like a long time, individuals who are receiving the Switch as their first game system may reach this amount of usage quickly. It should be noted that Joy-Con drift can be experienced after various amount of usage and may not occur at all; however, the issue has happened frequently enough that it has resulted in a class-action lawsuit against Nintendo.

Therefore, the ability to easily replace the Joy-Con as they begin to drift is a crucial consideration when buying these consoles. The standard Switch has a removeable Joy-Con that can be replaced and fixed without sending in the console. Whereas, the Switch Lite has a Joy-Con that cannot be removed, so, if you do start to notice drift and want it fixed, you may have to send in the entire console, resulting in the inability to enjoy the newly received system. More importantly is that the standard Switch can be docked and played on a television with the use of either the Joy-Con or the pro-controller, allowing for more ways to play and avoid Joy-Con drift.

Another consideration when purchasing one of the two options is the pricing and value. The Nintendo Switch Lite is priced at $200, while the standard Switch is priced at $300. While the difference in price may lead many to purchase the Switch Lite, the Black Friday season provides an opportunity to strike a great deal on a standard Switch with a pack in game, Mario Kart 8 deluxe! This pack in game provides for a phenomenal value and a great party game for families!

You should also consider that spending the extra $100 for the Nintendo Switch gets you a great party system.  You can   dock the system and play numerous Nintendo party games on the big screen. The Nintendo Switch Lite, on the other hand, cannot be docked and has a much smaller screen, making it difficult to play multiplayer games or completely unable to play party games.  

While the Switch Lite has the capability of connecting other Joy-Con and the pro-controller, that is not the intended use for the Switch Lite because the console lacks a kickstand to prop up the console and is not compatible with a dock. Therefore, if you wanted to prop the Switch Lite up on a table, you would have to create your own stand or purchase a third-party stand for the Switch Lite.

I fully support gifting either of these wonderful systems to a friend, loved one, or yourself. I highly suggest spending the extra $100 on the standard Switch. With the ability to change out Joy-Con, dock the console to play on a television, and the amazing Black Friday deal, I see no reason to not jump on the Nintendo train this holiday season!

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