Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Just Got Sweeter

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is arguably the best deal in gaming and it just got better!

The day has finally come and gone! The Xbox Series X/S has been released, and they were gone within seconds! While Halo Infinite was delayed and there are no other exclusive launch games, EA Play is now included, as of November 10, with any Game Pass Ultimate subscription. EA Play contains almost all the games that are published by EA, with some of the exceptions being the most recent releases of the Madden and FIFA franchises. There has never been a better time to get Game Pass Ultimate because there are countless of amazing games at our fingertips, including some that are locked on the PS3 and Xbox 360 generation of consoles.

A few of the phenomenal games included are: the Dead Space trilogy, the first game in this series was include on My Top Five Horror Games; the Dragon Age games; and the Mass Effect trilogy (the black sheep Mass Effect Andromeda is also included), which is getting a remaster version. On top of these fantastic series of games, you also get access to all the Madden, FIFA, NBA Live, NHL, and UFC games; again, the most recent releases for these games are not included. Microsoft has added more value to their $14.99 subscription with the addition of countless of EA games.

If you currently only have the Game Pass for PC have no fear! EA Play will be coming to Game Pass for PC at the beginning of December, as stated in their original news post about the inclusion of EA Play. However, it is unknown what games will be brought over to the PC version of Game Pass.

What’s the first game will you be playing from the EA Play collection?

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