Pokémon Go’s Record Year, and It’s Not Over

Not being on the go has not hindered Pokémon Go!

Luna and Leila are celebrating with their new friend!

According to a report from Sensor Tower, Pokémon Go has managed to produce $1 billion in revenue to-date in 2020. After a drastic fall off in revenue after the first year the mobile game was released, $832 million to $586 million, Pokémon Go’s revenues have slowly climbed to a staggering amount in 2020 despite the current pandemic. While many games may suffer from a worldwide shut down, Pokémon Go is the ideal game for just a time, and the creators over at Niantic added a few features that made it even more so.

Pokémon Go was created with the intent to make people get out and walk to become the Pokémon Master many dreamed of being as kids. In a time where many popular “going out” places are closed, the only place to go, safely, is the great, old outdoors. With countless of individuals going for simple walks to get out of the house for mental and physical health, it is only logical that many people would return to Pokémon Go.

The big catch, though, is Niantic made it easier to catch the Pokémon you love by adding stay-at-home features, such as a discount on Incense and Poké Balls amongst other key changes.  Read all their changes on their website. These features allow for catching Pokémon from the safety of your home or apartment. However, as of October 1, many of these features were discontinued via an update from the Pokemon Go team.

With COVID cases back on the rise across the world, we may continue to see the revenue of Pokémon Go increase as individuals attempt to find outdoor activities to do in the colder months of the year. If you are interested in joining the Pokémania of 2020, you can download the game from your respected app store! As always, when playing Pokémon Go, be sure to be aware of your surroundings.

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