Tides of Change for Console Exclusives

For years, console manufactures have held sacred video games that were exclusive to their console and have fought to hold exclusivity to parts of other games. The times seem to be slowly shifting towards companies giving a little leeway with sharing console exclusives, at least with PC. As seen in a recent report from Kotaku, Horizon: Zero Dawn will be coming to PC in the near future. This will be the first of Sony’s first-party exclusive games to go to another console.  

Sony’s decision to bring this highly regarded third-person action RPG to PC is exciting news for anyone who does not own a PlayStation. On the other hand, it raises questions for many current PlayStation owners and may bring some frustration. Before getting upset about this decision, it is important to remember that Horizon: Zero Dawn came out in 2017, and, since that time, it has been on sale multiple times on the PlayStation Store. The decision to give this game to PC players helps increase the sales of Horizon: Zero Dawn and could pique interest in a new crowd for the next gen PlayStation. 

Sony is not the only company bringing console exclusives to other platforms. Microsoft has also been making similar moves with some of their exclusives on Xbox. Microsoft has recently brought one of the biggest games on Xbox to PC, the Master Chief Collection (MCC). The MCC is a first-party game and was released in 2014 alongside the Xbox One. With continued support, the MCC has grown to become a well-polished product for those who are returning to the series or are just now getting started.  

With both Sony and Microsoft bringing key console exclusives to PC, it will be interesting to see the future of console exclusives and how they are managed and shared. How do you feel about the exchange of console exclusives with PC? What do you think the future of console exclusives looks like? 

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