“No Console Exclusives” for the Next Gen Xbox

With the next generation of consoles right around the corner, discussions about console exclusive games have begun to arise . Console exclusives are the key for selling to and winning over a new audience, as well as keeping the previous patrons. Microsoft, however, has different plans for their console exclusives. Xbox Game Studios’ Matt Booty told MCV UK that the new Xbox series X, and Lockhart, will have “no console exclusives.” He further went on to say that if anyone has already invested in the current generation Xbox, Microsoft wants to make sure that “they feel that they made a good investment and that we’re committed to them with content.” The news of Microsoft supporting current generation consoles for at least another year with first party games is huge for gamers and creates good public relations for Microsoft. 

For gamers on a tight budget, this will allow them to continue using their Xbox One series consoles without having to worry about the, sure to be pricey, cost of the new Xbox series X. For those who do not currently own an Xbox, this news is even better. These individuals can hop in on all the actions of the next and current gen gaming for a fraction of the cost by purchasing an Xbox One series console rather than the new Series X console. 

This move for Microsoft helps undo some of the bad blood they created with the Xbox One launch. While Microsoft may see limited sales during the first year of the next gen life cycle, they are surely more interested in getting individuals to be a part of Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate. As consumers utilize these features to play all the new games, I would predict more sales in hardware in the long run. The dedication to supporting current and next gen consoles shows that Microsoft is dedicated to its player base and trying to pick up the pieces from the horrific Xbox One launch. 

As far as we know, this news is only relevant to first party Xbox games. Therefore, if a third-party developer wants to create a game exclusively for Xbox Series X, it may not be compatible with current gen consoles. However, with Microsoft’s recent acquisition of multiple developers, there will be no shortage of first party games. 

What are your thoughts on the next console generation and Microsoft’s efforts to continue to support this console generation?

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  1. I feel that Microsoft is doing a good thing by supporting this gen but I can only question how long? will it be supported to the legendary extend that the ps2 was or even for as long as the Wii? If MS goes above the expectations for their players, it will give them a huge PR boost. BUT, if they flop this in any, even moderately, significant way, it could backlash super hard. Just wait and see I guess…

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